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Book I still don’t know everything I’ve learnt so far

october 2021

"I still don’t know everything I’ve learnt so far" brings together works produced between 2018 and 2020, mostly published on the instagram of its author, Lara Fuke. The book brings observations of the world made from a singular and tender point of view: hesitations in the face of everyday tasks, unanswered text messages, lists of things we “leave but don’t want to lose” or “that have an enormous ability to connect.” They are offal collected from the world and cataloged with a simple trait that, perhaps due to its simplicity, gives them depth.  


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Single Time glacier

october 2021

 ANAVITÓRIA e Jorge & Mateus' Single Cover

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Book preludes

setember 2019

prelúdios is the debut book by author maria petrucci, released by the vibora editions, from Porto Alegre, Brazil

Enzyme Magazine #2

setember 2019

Enzyme is a magazine edited and produced by artists Jorgge Menna Barreto and Joélson Buggila. The project began at the duo's residency at the Jan Van Eyck Academie. I illustrated the book by artist Abbie Bradshaw, a performance playbook whose theme is the Blind Scouse dish, typical of Liverpool — the city where the second edition of the magazine takes place, promoted by the Liverpool Biennial 2021.

Gol Magazine

october 2020

Illustration for Revista da Gol, Pais & Filhos section, October 2020 issue.

São Paulo, Brazil

Book Opening and closing gates

november 2019

Second book of poetry by Luiza Oliveira, published by 7letras


poster printed in risography
by Risotrip

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil