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Notebooks & Attention: monitoring and investigation of attention on the page and in the body

May - June / 2021

Six meetings that begin with a practice of body awareness to broaden the attention of the body, which follow with various references: Jenny Holzer, Grace Passô, Valter Hugo Mãe, bell hooks, Anna Tsing, Paulo Nazareth, among others. The references are interspersed with drawing and writing provocations to produce material, and then to respond to what was done, paying attention to coincidences and possibilities. A space to talk & listen about individual and collective processes, giving shape and contour.

The workshop was designed to increase attention as a way of being in the world and as a concept (distraction is also attention), using the notebook as a support and, from random materials that will be presented, respond and create meaning. The idea is to see again, to remember, to find, to give shape. It is to arouse attention, to understand the notebook as a space for the invention of time, to pay attention to this instrument of relationship with the world, to sharpen perceptions and to perceive the folds, perplexities and possible coincidences, starting from varied references, from art to science. It's not a drawing workshop. Involves drawing, words, visual thinking, distraction: we will use time as material.

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